• Do I grout the Natural Stone Split Face Mosaics?

    No. The Split Face Collections should not be grouted. The individual tiles should be installed as tightly together as possible. We recommend doing a dry fit prior to installation to make sure that the tiles are interlocking and lining up correctly. The use of a rubber mallet may be necessary to m...
  • How much grout do I need?

    The amount of grout needed for a job depends on the size of the job (in square feet), the size of the tile, and its thickness. Since we only work with Bostik Grouts, you may use their Online Grout Calculator here (
  • Should I use a sanded or non-sanded grout?

    Depending on which products you choose, a sanded grout may be necessary. Typically anything with a grout joint larger than 1/8” will require a sanded grout for stability such as with the pebble, irregular mosaics, and porcelain tiles. For glass, metal, aluminum mosaics, and any other materials th...